Images from exhibition, performance, lecture and concert -opening day

 CAR CITY, totale parking lot MDA

 Linda Schroermakers
 Jos Holtappels

 Tinne Kers
 Marcel Hoeben
 Gaston Wuestenbergs
 Performance in the entrance hall of the MDA

 Jos Holtappels
 Tinne Kers
 Lecture Joannes Kesenne /Fordlandia

 Lecture Jårg Geismar /CAR CITY/

 Concert the KUTTLER

Works in Process

Jos Holtappels work in process

Gaston Wuestenbergs in process

Preparations, Materials and Production April 2010

Jos Holtappels, Joannes Kesenne (adviser) and Tinne Kers in the parking garage

first samples on transparent plastic folie in the studio.

Photos by Marcel Hoeben

Materials and Process:
paint acril on transparent plastic folie,
layers, one for each, measuring 2 meter by 8 meter, (the space between the 6 columbs, counts 6 layers, two times 3)
transparent plastic makes it posible to let fuse the image with the colour of the flour ,
and also with the surounding

Drawings, works by the artists for CAR CITY 2010 in Genk, Belgium

Jos Holtappels

Tinne Kers

Linda Schroyens

Gaston Wuestenbergs

Marcel Hoebben

Mohammed el Mourabit

Site for the exhibition and the 6 invited artists.

The 6 invited artists Mohamed, Linda, Tina, Marcel,
Jos and Gaston for the exhibition "CAR CITY" April-May 2010
at MDH Genk parking lot and other facilities.

Some images from the exhibition location the parking lot.

Location for film projections

C-Mine, Genk

 MDH Genk, Belgium

The making of "CAR CITY"

Discussion after the FORD visit at Artisit at Genk

Five artists from Artisit and partipiciants of the workshop

FORD Entrance Lobby

Instructions for visiting FORD Genk, Belgium


16.11.2009 visit of FORD Genk with all the partipiciants from Artisit

Works by the artist after first visit to FORD Genk, Belgium

"Snorkel" by Marcel Hoeben

"Monumunt" by Marcel Hoeben

All invited artists for the workshop "CAR CITY" the instructor/artist/teacher Jarg Geismar and Curator Joannes Kesenne , Genk, Belgium

All artists are members of Artisit in Genk, Belgium


Joannes Kesenne

Jårg Geismar

Selecte works with FORD, 1985 Kunstmuseum Düsseldorf, CEBIT Hannover 1986 Kölnischer Kunstvere,1995 Städt. Ausstellungshalle Münster by Jarg Geismar

"Nebeneinander und hintereinander", car boddy, Münster 1995

"Up to the sky" car boddy, Cologne 1986

Total view

"Car Cutting" video, Münster 1995
all works supported and sponsored by FORD Germany

"Crash", two car boddies, projectors, electricity,
Kunsträume Cologne 1985

"Crash, two meeting" two car boddies, projectors,
red filter, electricity
CEBIT, Hannover 1985

"Breathing" two car boddies, projectors, electricity,
Kunstmuseum Düsseldorf 1985